SmartDocz Integration of existing documents to enable web fulfilment

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SmartDocz uses a "Windows 8" style user operated tiles to allow user to easily select required task which initiates the proper action. Tiles are created interactively depending on user permissions and user group, so each group will see only tiles that are related to their job function

If you need to change a form by adding or removing information, instead of waiting months for a screen change, simply change the document, upload with a "As of" date.

SmartDocz incorporates a workflow process that is specific to each client, and can be created for various and multiple workflows. Users have the ability to create, modify and change workflows.

Features of SmartDocz

  • Ability to change data input fields quickly.
  • Ability to collaborate with users on live application.
  • Workflow and Sub Workflows seamless operation.
  • Users can imbed, create campaigns, or run workflows
  • All users have a dashboard access for information exchange.
  • Full encryption and security are in place.
  • Full signature capture and verification in place.